Maya, the Musical

500 years ago, they prophesized...


With the scope and ambition of “Les Miserables”, the end of the Mayan civilization looms as young people fall in love, ambition reigns, and two brothers play a game of life and death.


As drought and famine ravage the Mayan people, the King struggles with what to do. He decides to marry his only daughter to the son of the High Priest in an attempt to assuage the gods by merging the religious and political sides of the empire into one union.


There are a couple of problems with the King’s plan. First, the princess has fallen in love with the younger brother. Second, the throne has been promised to the king’s nephew, who will not go down without a fight.


As the drought worsens, claiming the Queen’s life, in desperation the King agrees to reinstate the Mayan tradition of human sacrifice. Through the luck of the draw, the brothers are pitted against one another in a game of life and death.


Ultimately, suicide, murder and self-sacrifice leave the civilization in ruin, but the lovers set course for a new life together.

The Plan...


The Bottomline? 

To get this produced by the big producers with a full orchestra and all of the trimmings that come with a full production.  As an intermediate plan we want to produce a more modest version, but large enough to entice the producers to want to run with it.


The Next Step?

So we need some help getting this to the next step.


More information?

Want to experience a taste of what the early production of "Maya, the Musical" was like.  Watch on it on YouTube:

Maya the Musical Showreel (YouTube)



Why Maya?


Imagine the visual impact of backdrop of beautiful and exotic scenery and costumes... add some emotionally charged and singable songs and you have something fresh, unique and very cool.


We appreciate your interest and support.